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With elections out of the way in mumbai bombay, people are now guessing which of the lesser evils are we going to get as our representative. But that is not the pressing concern of the parties or the people. Its the low voter turnout.

I mean c’mon…did they really expect us to go out and vote.  After 26/11 everyone expected to see a huge voter turnout so as to make their voices heard. Extensive publicity by celebrities urging people to go out and vote, more radioplay, online campaigning etc etc. But the turnout turned out to be even lower than in 2004. People literally showed their middle finger to the politicians.

We do not vote. Instead we take out candle light vigils to remember the victims of 26/11. We pledge to make a difference. We take out protest marches against the apathy of  the government. We go on panels on T.V and strip the government naked and demand better governing. We place all the things that have to be done to make  the country a better place. We demand security, we demand infrastructure, we demand roads without potholes. But we do not vote.

With a four day holiday,we take of to holiday destinations. After all we have suffered( 26/11, no ipl in india), we deserve a vacation. We cannot wait for more than 10 minutes in a queue to vote. We are too upper class for it. We cannot spoil our prim-n-propah nails (on which we have spent thousands) by getting it inked.We don’t vote cause there’s no valet parking available at the polling centres. We do not bring change. That’s for the government. We talk but not act. We cannot go and vote cause we can’t bear the heat even if at 8 a.m its not hot and discounting the fact that we go to work everyday irrespective of how hot it is. We are not to blame. Its the government which creates shambolic facilities.

Next year we’ll again appear on a T.V panel and point out the shortcomings of the government. We’ll appear despondent at way things are being run. We will urge everyone to wake up and take a stance.And our job is done.

The people are not to blame. The joke is on the government. That they think we are finally waking up. We are just a parody on the whole system. Our words speak louder than our actions. Please do not expect us to take an upright stance. We are too bent anyways. Please do not expect us to fill the void. We are hollow anyways. Expect us to take a stand and we’ll hate           you. Expect us to follow you and will  hold you in reverence. We care about mumbai indians, we care about gucci handbags, we care about our hairstyle, we care about the hot girl on the street. But we do not care to  vote……….



    • pratik khanolkar
    • Posted August 8, 2010 at 3:27 pm
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    nice 1 pawar……u’l b my oficial spokespersn in my govt….

    • kunal
    • Posted August 8, 2010 at 10:10 pm
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    any govt. that you are forming, i am supporting…first on the agenda, better football infrastructure!!

    • pratik
    • Posted September 7, 2010 at 1:01 am
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    sure….vision 2025…hope v hv dt many empty spaces in mumbai tl thn…btw write smthng abt ur new english days…..i’m curious 2 kno.

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