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Another semi final, another heartbreak. It seems chelsea are destined to never win the champion’s league. A phantom goal, a penalty shoot out loss and now some despicable refereeing. Everyone will say that chelsea should have got the second goal, that barca were the better team and that chelse’a tactics were negative. But balls to them.

Barca played their exquisite passing football that’s a joy to watch but the fact remains that they didnt score at nou camp. Not one shot on target at stamford bridge till the end even with 70% possession. Admittedly chelsea are not equipped to play like barca but that doesn’t make them a less of a team. You don’t have to always play beautiful football, sometimes you need to dig deep within your resources to counter everything that the other team throws at you. And chelsea did just that. And brilliantly

Barca didn’t beat chelsea. The referee did. Atleast 3/4 penalty decisions were not awarded which would have ensured the second goal. How can UEFA appoint a man who has refereed just 10 champions league games to oversee a game of this stature and importance? He is the same ref who bungled up the italy-romania match at euro 2008  and never refereed a game in that tournament again. And he did that again yesterday. What is harder to swallow is the fact that the referee’s mistakes cost us the game. Not barca’s brilliance. And that is hard to take

I really feel for the lads especially terry. He would have wanted to atone for his penalty miss last year. But that isn’ the case anymore. A deserving team, one with spirit and character who resisted barcelona and who were within 2 minutes  of setting up a date with utd were dumped out. I think if chelsea had to win they would have to do it this year. And now i don’t think they are going to do it for the next 2-3 years. It is the end of a dream. A dream shattered by the ref’s mistakes. A dream that will now have to be started all over again. Why is it that everyone hates chelsea? Don’t people like persons who show a burning desire, an against all odds attitude, a passionate display where a simple thing as winning is the only thing that matters? Why does it always have to be beautiful and poetic? Why can’t it be cold and hard, agony and ecstasy, a steely determination, a ruthless desire, burning passion. Isn’t that poetic? Why does it always have to be a beautiful cosy love story? why can’t it be a passionate, egoistic, ruthless love story. I guess i will never know

They say a picture say a thousand words. Let the pictures tell you all. To end i would like to quote from an article i read recently –

” I think chelsea are the most misunderstood team. Is it because of the russian oligarch and his money. or is because of jose mourinho’s  1-0 win mentality. I don’t know. Chelsea aren’t half as ugly as they are made out to be. How can fortitude be ugly?


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