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This is going to be really short. Haven’t written in a long time so bear the rustiness. What is it about late nights,music and loneliness that makes it so self sufficient without the need for any external form of entertainment?

Maybe its the feeling that you are the only one awake in a city of millions. At times like these you think that it is humanly possible for a man to reach the highest realm of greatness possible to him. Where you sit and think of how perfect you could make your life. Of all the exciting ideas and endeavors you could undertake. When the silence of the nights is so hauntingly calm that you could shout out with joy. When you think that nothing can go wrong because the city is so beautiful tonight. When that inspiration to write a brilliant piece of music strikes the musician.

The music lends its own charm. Hearing a tune,a lyric that you haven’t heard for long but sounding as if it was just perfect for this moment of tranqulity. The music gives words to the thoughts in your mind and feel that you have somehow earned the right to listen to the music at that time . ‘People’ say that the kind of music you like to tells a lot about what kind of person you are. There are certain songs that I inadvertently put on at night. They don’t contrast the silence. They seem to fill in the spaces left empty.

The loneliness make it perfect. According to Wikipedia(sad, I know!!), loneliness is a feeling of emptiness and solitude. But i couldn’t be further from that. There are people who cannot bear to be alone at any time and are constantly in need of companionship. But that is not my concern. Every person sees the lights over the city but what each one feels about it, is completely that person’s prerogative. I cannot explain it in words but the solitude is comforting. It feels really clean. I could quote a line which would explain everything but i am not so comfortable doing it. Yet.

I love Bombay. I will not shout it from rooftops but it is not necessary. Beyond on all the garbage,crowded trains and religious blasphemy, this city gives me hope. Hope that nothing is beyond impossible. For this i will always be grateful.

Silent nights, music, solitude and the lights of the city that never sleeps around me. My own little paradise.



    • Anushree
    • Posted November 2, 2009 at 2:18 am
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    You stole my post!!! plagiarism

    • Anushka Lewis
    • Posted May 21, 2011 at 9:42 pm
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    wow really well written 🙂

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