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Now I can die in peace”. That was the sentiment among most of the people who got to witness  Porcupine Tree perform live on 21/12/2009 at Mood-I. I was one of the 4000 odd people who were privileged enough to actually see them performing in India.

It was an experience that was spellbinding and enthralling. The whole atmosphere when they performed was electric and you had the crowd actually singing with them. I really don’t have words to describe how I felt. It was cathartic. They were just brilliant. The upped and lowered the tempo at regular intervals that made relaxing as redundant as Liverpool’s title hopes. After standing in line for nearly 3 hours, missing out on Parikrama while endlessly cursing the organisers amidst bouts of sarcastic humour, watching the hippie girls, laughing at people who were way behind us in the queue and paying 600 bucks, we were finally in the OAT. But my was it worth all the trouble!! I have not attended a proper concert( foreign bands) before so i have nothing to compare it with but it was brilliant. Much like how a person who has sex for the first time and has no benchmark to compare it with but somehow knows in his mind that it was how it should have been and better.

The played like  10-12 songs ranging from ‘Blackest Eyes’ to ‘Hatesong’. At times it might have seemed that they were just making noise by contrasting each other but there was a method to the madness and you could see how intricate it was. Steve Wilson has a surreal voice and held the crowd in raptures. I was carried by the music and it felt like nothing existed beyond the amphitheatre. When they stopped just before ten, I had never felt more disappointed in my life. But then they come back again and play ‘Halo’ and ‘Trains’!!

Porcupine Tree are a brilliant band and hope they keep making great music. Whatever i write here is just a tiny indication of what exactly I felt at the concert. It was the most beautiful experience of my life. During those 90 minutes(it’s a coincidence that a football match also lasts for so long), i felt as if there wasn’t a worry in the world. As if somehow the music had been able to cure the world.

I hope they come back to Bombay again and influence other bands to come in the future too. If ever there was a moment that you could sepia-tone, it was this.  Thank you.

Jay Z and Coldplay have won Grammies. They are mainstream and successful but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best musicians. I mean 50-60 years down the line, people will still listen to our records, I hope, but I am sure no one’s going to be listening to Jay Z”

Steven Wilson on being asked whether he thought the Incident would win a Grammy


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