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So here I am sitting and thinking about last night’s game at Anfield. A Fernando Torres special helped Liverpool to a 2-0 win, making it their third win on the trot and helping them climb into the top half of the table. But what rankles me more than the defeat is the response after going a goal down, or two nil down at half time.

I did not see the first half of the game. So I can’t comment on how Chelsea played. But it didn’t look like Chelsea were going to score to win or even draw the match. They created a few decent chances but there was no onslaught that I expected. I expected Chelsea to be camped in Liverpool’s half, win the 50-50 tackles and rain shots on goal. But sadly that did not happen. So is Chelsea a bad team? Not by far,  but there doesn’t seem to be response when things are not going our way.

I am not a big fan of Ancelotti. I know this will sound like a case of sour grapes but it’s true. I have never really been convinced about him as Chelsea’s manager. Yes, he did win the double in his first season. But what I want most is to see a fighting spirit that sadly seems to be lacking. I can’t remember Chelsea winning a match from a losing situation in the tenure of Ancelotti (Blackburn doesn’t count). We tend to blow away teams when we are in form but stumble at the slightest hurdle. And our away form is worryingly poor. Most of our defeats or draws have been on the road and this is not a good sign. The BPL title is going to be fought between 3,4 or even 5 teams and it is important to be clinical in away games.

But what I really want is to see the dogged spirit that epitomised Chelsea a couple of years back. I want to see an attitude to cope with pressure and come on top. But more importantly I want to see a response. A response to being in a losing situation. A response that will spark the revival. A come from behind victory against a tough opponent.

Please somehow get the fortitude back in place. That is what defines Chelsea. Show me the passion in your play. I miss that.


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