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No, the guy is actually modest. He means the Brad Pitt in ‘Benjamin Button’ – The old shriveled up one.

Being forced to write a post by a friend about him is like an itch that you quite can’t reach properly to scratch. You want it to go away but it just sits there annoying you. This guy is like that. Let’s call him ‘Spam’ for this post

Unanimous first opinion about him – The biggest retard to walk the face of the earth. Next only to Stephen Hawking according to some people. And Stephen Hawking can’t even walk!.  The food that he used to eat at one point of time was worse than eating sawdust or vulcan rubber. Looked like a dumbfuck and acted the part too.

Unfortunately, becoming friends with him was like ordering a burger from McDonald’s and getting a ketchup sachet too. You don’t call for it, it’s not really needed, you can do without it but it adds some taste nevertheless. Spam is the ketchup. After the initial impression of him being a dipshit receded, I got to know him better. Though it didn’t make me think highly of him but atleast I started giving him a chance. And I am glad that I did.

He cracks the lousiest jokes ever known to mankind but you still laugh. But not sure whether at the joke, him or yourself for listening to it. He tries to be funny all the time which is not quite needed and tends to loosen up a serious discussion by staying stuff like ” Tu stud hai re” which gets him a stern look from the stud in question. No sense of timing at all. Tends to advice a lot which gets on your nerves.

But beneath all this bullshit is a really great person who made my office life and life in general enjoyable. He is there when you need him and gives great advice when asked for (point to be noted – when asked for). One of the very few people who doesn’t give a fuck what people think of him. He doesn’t get too full of himself. He is not very emotional and is not easily pissed off or annoyed. He does that to other people! I have never seen him get angry or sad or depressed. Sometimes i think he doesn’t really care much about anything in life, that’s why he doesn’t get affected at all. But one thing he does care about are his friends. Also this guy has a knack for making fun of people and can come up with apt nicknames which are hilarious (Suppandi, Tinu Anand). He also writes a blog which is great fun to read and lightens up your mood when you need it. He believes in the saying ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’  and his blog contains a lot of pictures to convey his feelings cause his entire vocabulary is less than 1000 words But I wish I could write like him.. Please continue writing in future too. Even when you become the senior ‘Deepak Bhau’ in your new company

Preferred drunken partner to his ‘Baa’, Spam is fun to be with. Though I don’t agree with all his ideas I still consider him to be a very good friend of mine. Office without him is going to be boring now. To end it, I would just like to say that don’t change for anything in the world. Don’t become a rat in the race. Maintain your identity and your sense of humour and you will do just fine. Thanks for being the retard you are 🙂

His famous lines:

Dialogue no. 1 – tera bhai hard hai

Dialogue no. 2 –  result lene jaayega to chit leke jaa

Dialogue no. 3 –  merko vampire ne nahi, Anil Kapoor kata hai

Dialogue no . 4 – Spam: main sandwich ban gaya
Gullible person : kyun?
Spam:  do pav ke beech mein baitha hoon

Dialogue no.  5 – jo log sheese ke ghar mein rehte hai….woh kapde basement mein badalte hain

Dialogue no. 6 –           Gullible person: arre tere pant pe yeh black spots kya hai?
Spam- aaj rickshawale ko paisa nahi diya to usne colour daal diya. Mein usko ooloo banaoonga, kal mein black pant daloonga

Dialogue no. 7 : notepad jail mein hai(Excel cell)

Dialogue no. 8: Mein cellphone nahi rakhta. To threatening calls nahi aa sakte


p.s have to still write about my other friends.


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    • paramanandbhat
    • Posted January 24, 2011 at 2:44 pm
    • Permalink

    Nicely written, but you forgot to mention that I also look like Tom Cruise and chicks go gaga just because I am around.
    Jokes apart,I am really missing you guys.

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