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After a dramatic and somewhat exhausting 2nd leg at stamford bridge, chelsea are through to face the favourites for this year, barcelona. They are currently in mesmerising form and blew away bayern in the quarters. We (read chelsea) are the underdogs and i prefer it that way. Hoping for another hurrah!!!

The second leg against liverpool was  as exciting as the one against barca a few years back. I am sure every chelsea fan remembers that one.  As the season is progressing i am seeing more of the “chelsea spirit” that i had sorely missed since mourinho left. Hiddink has done exceptionally well upto now and hope that momentum continues. I would not gloat on the quarter-final victory because there are many important matches coming up starting with the FA cup semi-final against arsenal. We need to continue this winning run if we are to land a trophy. The victory against liverpool was important because there is some unfinished business in the champions league after last year. I am sure john terry would agree. The desire to succeed, the hunger to win the cup is so intense that you can see how much each goal that takes us closer to the dream , means to the players, the club and the fans. Only one team has won the champions league the next year after losing the final in the previous year.  Chelsea want it badly.  AND  WE DESERVE IT.

This is a club that i love. It has given me moments that i will remember for the rest of my life. The agony, the pain, the ecstasy, all in equal measure. The fighting spirit, the never say die attitude. It has held me in raptures, left me spell bound, left me speechless, left me feeling low, left me miserable, left me jubilant. And there is no other club i would want to support. It has given me moments to savour, moments that i live for.  Blue till i die

I would like to thank you for all those historic matches that have made my day. And hope that there are many more to come. As a tribute , putting up the LEGEN….DARY nights  that make  me.


Nothing ground-breaking today. No rant, no epiphany, just plain simple lyrics. This could lead to another post but not sure. My friend thinks that i think too much, overcomplicate things but actually i find it really simple,.

“In this world of news
I’ve found nothing new
I’ve found nothing pure

Maybe I’m just idealistic
to assume that truth
Could be fact and form
That love could be a verb
Maybe I’m just a little misinformed.

As the dead moon rises, and the freeways sigh
Let the trains watch over the tides and the mist
Spinning circles in our skies tonight
Let the trucks roll in from Los Angeles
Maybe our stars are unanimously tired

Let your love be strong, and I don’t care what goes down
Let your love be strong enough to weather through the thunder cloud
Fury and thunder clap like stealing the fire from your eyes
All of my world hanging on your love

Let the wars begin, let my strength wear thin
Let my fingers crack, let my world fall apart
Train the monkeys on my back to fight
Let it start tonight
When my world explodes, when my stars touch the ground
Falling down like broken satellites

Let your love be strong, and I don’t care what goes down
Let your love be strong enough to weather through the thunder cloud
Fury and thunder clap like stealing the fire from your eyes
All that I am hanging on, all of my world resting on your love

– let your love be strong( switchfoot)

A stupendous dialogue by my favourite superhero Rorschach (spiderman comes second). I watched this movie with a friend of mine and I don’t know about him but I absolutely loved the movie. I went in expecting a special effects laden movie but instead I was blown away by the intricate characterization of each hero. And my favourite was undoubtedly Rorschach.

Here is a guy who is at complete ease with his ideals and principles. There is no conflict in his mind between his principles and the way he goes about life because they have been accepted and understood long ago. The way he thinks and lives are in complete harmony with each other. Nothing two faced about it. He is not an archetypal hero who is either nerdy or suave in real life but becomes a crime fighting hero at night. It’s as if there is only Rorschach and not Walter Kovacs. He’s seen the city for what it is and lives to change it. For him, the means don’t justify the end nor does the end justify the means. They have to be in synchronization with each other and justify each other. He’s the most antisocial superhero I have seen and that’s why I like him. I could go on waxing eloquent about him, but I will stop. In the movie just before he dies, which I admit was real pain, he delivers this enlightening dialogue that is the title for this post.

Everyday I see people around me compromise on some or the other aspect. They will shout it out that they want to live their lives to the fullest but will compromise on every goddamn thing. People compromise on their ambition because it’s not feasible, people compromise on their jobs because they have to earn somehow, people compromise on whom they love because they have to. Why do we have to succumb to everything around us?  Why can’t we somehow learn to co-exist not with others but with ourselves? Every brilliant thought, idea, dream or ambition is compromised on because they tell us that’s now how you live. But I think that’s the only way we can truly live, by not compromising, by not succumbing, by not being half-way. The hardest thing in the world is being true to your principles. And also the simplest thing. Yes you are going to suffer, you are going to feel pain but it’s only upto a certain point. And this makes the end even sweeter because you have done it the hard way. Nothing reversed, nothing betrayed, a complete, pure whole. Isn’t that we aspire to become at the end of our lives? This is embodied by Rorschach and a certain architect. A noted director says that “The Fountainhead” is his favourite book and for a couple of weeks he walked and tried to be like the hero but then the effect wanes off. And he is exactly the kind of person who has betrayed the book. I am not going to explain why because it’s there in the sentence itself. Rorschach was not rich, he was not stereotypically friendly, he was not hot. But he was honest. Honest with himself and honest with the world. Lived by his own rules, died by his own. No compromises whatsoever.

So I just hope that without compromising on the very sentence, people can shout out that they lived their lives to the fullest, in complete coherence, wholly, unbetrayed. Because I know I will.

A few Rorschach gems –

1. Meeting with Dreiberg left bad taste in mouth; a flabby failure who sits whimpering in his basement. Why are so few of us left active, healthy, and without personality disorders?

2. [to Nite Owl II in Veidt’s office] Ancient Pharaohs looked forward to the end of the world. Believed cadavers would rise to reclaim hearts from golden jars. Hurm. Must currently be holding breath in anticipation.

3. Don’t worry. Won’t insult legendary underworld solidarity by suggesting you surrender name without torture.

4. Heard a joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says “Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. Says “But, doctor…I am Pagliacci.” Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains. Fade to black.

5. Rorschach: Used to come here often, back when we were partners.

Dreiberg: Oh. Uh, yeah… yeah, those were great times, Rorschach. Great times.   Whatever happened to them?

Rorschach: [exiting] You quit.

It is turning into some sort of football blog with me writing so much stuff about football, but if u are surprised by this then you don’t know me and i dont give a damn about you

why am i writing this?

1. because it shows that not all footballers are beer guzzling, women tapping, all brawn and no brains morons

2. because lampard is a genius

3. because i will not defend him in public because its a disgrace to him to be defended

4. because he is my idol…everyday i wake up and wish i could play like him (not like people who wish they were ronaldo)

5. because time and again he has bailed chelsea out of improbable situations

6. the percentage of completed passes, assists and number of goals he delivers each and every season deserve respect

7.because people who support a certain red team from up north choose to pass despicable comments about him just because its cool to hate chelsea whereas they hav players who can’t even speak english but go up to a girl and say “fuck fuck” like some aboriginal cavemen and have sex

8. because i support not only chelsea but football at large and talent in any team deserves respect

9. because he has overcome personal grief and won games for chelsea or atleast given them a fighting chance (read semifinal against liverpool and final against united)

10. because i hope that he scores the goal that wins the world cup for england

i am not gonna write another awesome post or crib about life….just watch and improve….as andy gray would have said, ” take a bow son, take a bow!!! ”

What’s my inspiration for writing a new post? boredom and Chelsea’s abysmal performance at old trafford. The title is a song by ‘The Hives’, a band introduced to me by a special friend of mine.

This song could sound ironic as Chelsea’s season seems to be going kaput. After seeing the spineless display at manchester i am left wondering where has that bullish spirit that Chelsea embodied disappeared? not a single shot on target and no response after going a goal down…….this Chelsea team seems to be scoring for fun when things are going well but when they are not, they seem to hit a roadblock. A case in point being the matches against newcastle, west ham, southend and fulham. This side doesnt look like it can win trophies this year atleast as the balance of the team is all wrong with too many similar players( deco, ballack, lamps) and no left winger( malouda sucks anyways)

Scolari has to find out a way to get this team to start playing well especially against the top four. All is not lost and with champions league knockout stages yet to start there is still time to pull up their socks and get ready for battle.  A manager is judged by the decisions he takes when the chips are down and its time for scolari to stand up and be counted. This is something that mourinho was not afraid of- taking big decisions when required. I am trying not to compare scolari to mourinho but comparisons are bound to happen. Scolari has to find out his best team and try to put on a winning run that would atleast make them title contenders, a run that i would want them to start at stamford bridge, a citadel not too long ago.

Its okay if they don’t win titles but show me that spirit, that desire to win against all odds, put in a stirring performance that would give me goosebumps, play like your life depends on you winning that game…..a last ditch tackle, a defence splitting pass,an improbable save, a cheeky lob, a 30-yard screamer……..this is what football means to me and i want to see that epitomised by my club, just show me things that got me supporting Chelsea in the first place

To put across a fan’s opinion, i would like to see a genuine 4-4-2 with lampard and ballack in the center, joe cole n malouda on the right and left respectively and anelka and drogba upfront, this is counting that essien is injured (waiting for him)

Hope the walloping at old trafford wakes them up from their slumber and makes them play like chelsea should play

P.S.  I am writing this before the southend game, so i pray that they manage to get past that hurdle atleast

I am not one of those active bloggers who whip up a post like twice a week but i can only write about things that i feel strongly about. What do u feel when your friend leaves for another country after knowing you for almost 16yrs??? Sadness mingled with regret? or plain indifference accepting that this day had to come?

There are some things in life that really have a profound effect on you and friendship is once of them. It hurts to watch your friend go away even though you know that its the best thing to happen to them. You wish that you could do something to stop her but you are helpless cause you know that this is how was meant to happen. Sadness rises in you so fast that you can’t stop your tears from flowing n you are actually surprised to see yourself cry as you have no idea how it happened. All the times spent together spin around in front of your eyes n you wish for that instant that time would slow down so that you could embrace each moment n live your whole life in that moment.

You have such passion for everything, not taking things in half measures that you allow yourself to be hurt in a manner that no mortal weapon could. so what do u do then? Become blank n not allow yourself to get affected at all? Live without passion so no sorrow can hurt you and no happiness makes you delirious? What do u do when you are saddened to an extent that you didn’t know existed ? How can you allow someone to affect you so much without you being in control of it?

You listen to the advice of the person that matters to you. She once remarked,” Always remember that what is most important in life is your passion to live. Do not put anything over it and everything will stop mattering after that. Don’t think of pain, fear or guilt more than a moment required to fight it.”

And i think ill do just that.

1. “sing me something soft
sad and delicate
loud and out of key
sing me anything”

– (stray light run) existentialism on prom nite

2. ” So take the photographs
and still frames in your mind.

Hang it on a shelf
In good health and good time.

Tattoos of memories
and dead skin on trial.

For what it’s worth,
it was worth all the while.

It’s something unpredictable
but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.”
– (Greenday) Time of your life

3. Maybe I could…

“maybe i could write you a letter
but what the heck would it say
maybe i could make you feel better
maybe i could make you OK”

4.”Pushing forward and arching back
Bring me closer to heart attack
Say goodbye and just fly away
When you comeback
I have some things to say”
maroon 5- sweetest goodbye

5. ” As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change come whatever,
We will still be friends forever”

so like ya most people are happy that mourinho or “moaninho” as he is referred to  has left “chelski”, its quite clear why he has left and it has no direct bearing on me so why am i writing this post??? cause he’s grossly misunderstood by the majority of the people out there*the ones who see football anyways*. He came to england with the champions league winner’s medal that he won with porto, whom noone gave a chance to even get out of the group stages, came to stamford bridge to deliver titles and thats exactly what he did. He broke manu’s and arsenal’s dominance in england n won chelsea’s first league title in 50 years…….brought in a wave of fresh air into epl tht was getting stagnated, his rivalry with ferguson and “voyeur” wenger gave the rumour mills n gossip mongers to hanker about something……..not only did he get under the opponent’s skin but backed it  up with results……went 64 matches without losing at home, 3 semifinals in 4 years in europe, fa cup win, 2 carling cups etc.

   what hurts me more about his departure were the circumstnces under which he left……his fractious relationship with abramovich made all the headlines. When u take away the authority of the manager u r on a slippery slope…..he bought in ballack n sheva against mourinho’s wishes, mourinho thought that style needed to be backed up with substance whereas as abramovich wanted style n flair. then he appointed avram grant as director of football, something that mourinho didnt approve of. Also mourinho cudnt deliver the champions league the *holy grail* according to abramovich. That was the final nail in the coffin for mourinho.

         The epl is surely gonna be poorer without mourinho, none of his outrageous comments,none of his in-ur-face attitude, no quirky mannerisms while on the pitch. Though wenger and mourinho arent exactly the best of friends wenger didnt deny the fact that he respected and admired mourinho for whatever he had done ……n ferguson has openly said that he’ll miss having drinks with him after matches, ferguson has outlasted nine managers of chelsea but it is mourinho who scared him the most and he’ll be glad to see the back of him…..mourinho with his prada suits n slick hair was a person who drew glances even if there was a game being played,had  charismatic presence that gripped people when he walked to a room. He shared a personally close relationship with terry and lampard, especially lampard who regarded mourinho as something of a mentor…..this was the kind of bond within the players that made chelsea a fighting team, a team that won *against all odds*……….a team that dug in, fought for every ball as if their lives depended on it cause they believed that actions speak louder than words…..a team tht has imbibed the bulldog spirit that mourinho had become famous for……..a team who only cared about the results and not the manner in which they got them……….so as i end this with a hint of tear in my eye, all i want say that mourinho u did an awesome job, made people fear chelsea n have built a base on which we can create history…..bow down to thee!!!!